The Fight of Your Life

The Fight of Your Life: Manning Up to the Challenge of Sexual ...

The Fight of Your Life

by Tim Clinton


– 50% of churchgoing men struggle with pornography

– Exposure to when a man is introduced to porn is said to be from 8 to 11 years old.

– Porn ruins sex.

– 34% of Internet users have seen porn unintentionally.

– The World Wide Web is exactly that, a web! Many have been caught in the web of distraction, losing their family, marriage and a good reputation.

– Sex is a beautiful thing given by God, but God has planned sex for marriage.

– 30,000 people every second are viewing porn on the Internet.

– Pornography is dehumanizing. It turns women into commodities and sex objects.

– Pornography is destroying sex. People that look at pornography actually have less sex.

– In one poll, it showed that pornography is the number one problem in homes.

– Pornography destroys much more than just the individual; friendships, families and many others are caught up in the destruction.

– Internet filters are not the answer — the real problem can’t be filtered by technology, the real problem is your heart.

– Pornography is destroying your passion and love for your spouse and God.

– Your greatest sex organ is your brain. What makes sex exciting is what you think.

– Believing that the problem of sexual lust will end at the marriage altar is one of the biggest lies.

– Consider the following things about your fantasies:

• Who is it with? An old fling, someone you saw in pornography?

• Where is it? The first place you kissed a girl, the first time and place you saw pornography?

• How does it end? Now take Christ to your fantasies and letHim take those thoughts captive.

– 1 Cor. 6:18 – God can help us take down strongholds. But how does a stronghold get rooted in the life of a man? It is through repetition of seeing, acting on and thinking.

– Sexual sins strip a man of integrity, makes him want to hide and shrink away in silence.

– As a child of God, our deepest and most spiritual intimacy should be with God. Because of a lack of that, we are seeking to fulfill that in many other ways.

– Are you willing to deny yourself? When people came to ask Jesus if they can follow Him, He replied by telling them to deny themselves, take up their cross and follow Him.

– There can be no resurrection until there is first a death. And you will never fix your marriage or put your life back on track until you are willing to die to your own selfish pleasures.

– Before we can be cured, we must want to be cured.

– Give up, get up and start walking in faith!

– The enemy lies, and tells us that a little lust and indulgence will not hurt. Proverbs 5:3-5; 6.26; 7:22-23. – Illicit sex will slaughter you. It will reduce you to nothing more than a piece of bread and destroy your life, family, desires, goals, relationships and everything about you.

– When any part of your life is lived apart from God, it becomes utterly miserable.

– The lies of porn will promise but never fulfill.

– Physical lust can never be satisfied, the more you fill it the more it cannot be fulfilled.

– Sex is an idol in our culture and idols cannot satisfy.

– The beauty of sex is only found within its God-ordained boundaries.

– Jonathan encouraged David’s hand in the Lord. We all need accountability, people who will encourage our hand in the Lord.

– Failure is not fatal, but failure not to change could be.

– The lust of your heart is not your wife’s responsibility or fault.

– Love trumps sex. We must preserve intimacy above all else.

– John 10:10; 1 Peter 5:8 — the devil has a plan for you… he wants to destroy you. Even bigger than your plan of staying away from pornography, the devil wants to ruin your life anyway possible.

– John 8:44 — Satan is a liar and the father of it. He only has one tool that he uses over and over and it all revolves around being a liar. He will lie to you and deceive you.

– You can turn the tables on the liar by inserting truth. When the devil throws up thoughts of the past or lustful thoughts of fantasy, you can stop him and insert the truth. Remind the devil you have been forgiven and how God has other plans for you now. You can stop, replace and think different thoughts – Philippians 4:7–8.

– Love for God will conquer a thousand sins.

– Sexual sins destroy trust at a very intimate and deep level. Trust is key in a relationship.

– Trust must be earned. If trust has been violated, it will take both time and work to rebuild.

– The best sex has always been between two people who are committed to oneness for life.

– 1 Thessalonians 4:3.

– Nehemiah 4:14 – They tried to get him to come down from the wall, but he would not. Fight for your family, your marriages and the generations to come.

– One man must break free of the shackles of sexual sins so that he can live in freedom and then go help all the other men captivated by the devil.

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