“Missionary Gems” — A collection of short poems
Compiled from various sources — Gospel Trumpet Company
Far away in foreign regions,
Bound by strong Satanic chains,
Blood-bought sin-sick souls are dying
In a land where darkness reigns.

None to tell the love of Jesus
To those poor, benighted souls,
Perishing in heathen blindness,
While the judgment nearer rolls.

Brother, will you go and save them?
Sister, hear their plaintive cry:
Destitute of hope they’re dying,
While you’re idly standing by.

See them in their blind devotion
Bowing down to wood and stone;
Never heard the death of Jesus
Was for sinners to atone.

Will you leave them still in darkness
With their hearts as hard as stone?
While the cleansing fount is open,
O my brother, help them in!

Millions of our fellow creatures,
Steeped in sin on India’s shore;
Shrouded in the grossest darkness,
Africa has millions more.

Popish priests and carnal prophets
Hid the truth in gloom of night;
But the Lord now saves his people
In the precious evening light.

O dear brother, O my sister,
Give your talents, time, and store;
Freely give to save the heathen
Ere they’re lost forevermore.

Be in haste, time is flying;
Oh, behold their awful plight!
Jesus weeps o’er sinners dying:
Send them now the Gospel light.

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