“Missionary Gems” — A collection of short poems
Compiled from various sources — Gospel Trumpet Company

Lift your eyes, my brother, sister,
Lift them to the fields all white;
Look out on the heathen millions,
Dying without life or light;
Falling like the leaves in autumn
To their graves beneath the snow;
So in one unending column
Down to death and hell they go.

Lift your eyes unto the harvest;
Listen to your Lord’s command;
Give the gospel as a witness;
Speed it to the isles and lands.

Lift your eyes, extend your vision,
Look beyond your selfish sphere,
Take a world-wide glance around you,
See the souls in guilt and fear,
Who have never known of Jesus,
Falling, dying, unprepared,
To confront us in the judgment
With the words, “You never cared.”

Lift your eyes; your heathen brethren
Never yet have even heard
Of the Christ who died to save them,
Of the blessed, living Word.
They are groping on in darkness
Hast’ning each into his grave,
Slipping fast away in sorrow,
Past our power to help or save.

Lift your eyes; the Master speaketh;
‘Tis his voice commands us still.
If you love him, truly love him,
You will answer, “Lord, I will;
I will look upon the harvest,
I will haste to lend a hand.
Praying, giving, yes, and going.”
For he’s said, “To every land.”

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