When You Feel you have Plateaued

Whether serving as a missionary, pastorate, assistant or lay person, we have probably all at one time felt like we have “plateaued” in our ministry or life. It is exciting when you are advancing, growing, and clearly seeing the Lord work, but what do you do when you feel you have hit a certain spot and have plateaued? This brief article has the intention of helping you see that there is still room to grow, go forward and see wonderful things accomplished in your life and ministry. God is still interested in your life and ministry. Below are some simple ideas to help you break the mediocrity and begin to advance once again.

  1. Read good books. Biographies are always an encouragement to me, seeing how God used people of the past. Grab a biography or any other encouraging book that will lift you up and/or teach you to do what you need to know to do the job.
  1. Hang around others that are advancing. There is a simple rule: hang around depressed people and you will soon become depressed. You will not get encouraged or strengthened by people that believe all things are impossible, that God is not working anymore in this area, etc. – kindly walk away from those groups and begin talking and staying in contact with people that will encourage and help you do more for God.
  1. Keep Working and set Goals. I can’t be sure I am successful, but I can work harder than anyone else. Work hard and believe that God will give the results. Don’t faint before it’s time, keep working and know that soon you will reap a harvest from all you have sown.
  1. Keep Going and keep Growing. Study people, traits, and how to do better with everything God has given you. Learn to be a better spouse, parent, worker, preacher, etc. If you quit growing, you are either dead or quickly on your way to dying. We all have room to improve, so keep going and keep growing.

Here to Serve,

Jeff Bush

General Director of Vision Baptist Missions

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