“Missionary Gems” — A collection of short poems
Compiled from various sources — Gospel Trumpet Company

They are waiting in the wild,
Sick and weary and defiled,
And the Savior’s healing word
They have never even heard;
Ever hungry and unfed,
Left without the Living Bread —
Waiting ! Waiting ! Waiting !

Oh! the long, long years are flown
Since the Master bid his own
Bear the message far and wide
Of a Savior crucified;
“Flash the light o’er vale and hill!”
Yet they sit in darkness still —
Waiting ! Waiting ! Waiting !

For the happy beam of day
That shall chase their gloom away;
For the news, so glad and blest,
That shall set their hearts at rest;
For the peace we know and prize,
And the hope beyond the skies —
Waiting ! Waiting ! Waiting !

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