The Motivation Manifesto

The Motivation Manifesto

By Brendon Burchard


– It is not possible to live in the past, future, or some other place and expect to be happy; we consciously must live right now.

– Without self-mastery of fear and doubt in our every day life, we will be defeated.

– Hurry has become our mastery. We have lost focus, we must slow it all down. Most people don’t remember the last time they were were joyous or happy.

– We must not let social pressures ruin our potential.

– Only two things can change our lives: something new happens from without us or something new happens within us.


– Everyone wants to have freedom

– personal freedom, financial freedom, religious freedom, emotional freedom, time, etc. We were not made to be a oppression.

– We must break away from self oppression and social pressures if we are going to be free in our lives

– The greatest depression comes from our own selves

– we are our greatest suppressors, not that which is around us.

– It should be clear to us that we can be our own worst enemies.

– Personal power comes from personal responsibility.

– We must be both conscious and responsible for our actions and behaviors if we truly want to have freedom.

– Personal freedom is not just being free from pain and oppression, it is also being free to live life at its fullest.


– Fear is nothing more than bad management of your mind.

– People try to tell us that fear will give us courage or that it is natural, but fear is actually a thief to humanity.

– Fear was put in us to avoid death and threat of physical safety, but we have perverted it and used it the wrong way.

– Fear rules us if we let it. We can choose to avoid it or accept it.

– If fear is ruling in our lives it is because we let it instead of choosing boldness, victory or greatness.

– So if we are not free, it is because we have chosen to let fear rule in our lives. Fear wins or freedom wins.

– There is no genetic fact or reason that one has to fear more than another. Fear is only because we have poor mental faculties or bad influences that have taught us to be fearful.

– Fearful people usually have developed that way because of past experiences — parents, or situations in life that have caused them to be timid or afraid. So fear has become their guided default.

– People will drive us to fear — parents, friends, etc. Not that they purposely want to hurt us, but they’re “warning” or “looking out for us”… and this will cause us to fear.

– How often do we let the worry burn us because we do not consciously put out the fire. Just as if we would have an extinguisher in our hand yet not use it when our house is burning, so it is what we were he consciously do nothing about it.

– We have the tools to overcome worry; they lie within us.

– Just as a lion tamer was once afraid to walk into the pin but overcame it, so we can overcome our fears so that they no longer stop us.

– We must have a motive for action. The greatest motive for action his choice. Happiness, sadness, and anger is a choice.

– Although there are people who need medical help, the vast majority do not need drugs, they need a desire. They do not need medication, they need a different life approach.

– People that are motivated are not lucky, they have chosen their path.

– Motivation is not just a feeling, it is a conscientious choice.

– You must sustain motivation. Just as it is not enough for the athlete to dream about being an athlete every once a while, he must schedule times to exercise and listen to his coach. And so we must give attention and effort to our motivation.

– If we are to grow our motivation, the two elements we need are attitude and environment. We ourselves must have a positive attitude and place ourselves around those and those that can help us. Have a place where you can think, be comfortable and be inspired.

– The birth and death of each day’s motivation lies with you.

– No person that lives in the yesterday truly has the power to live today.

– We must be the guardian of our mind – be careful for those commercials that tell us that we cannot live without their products, etc. We must stand firmly at the post of our mind. Reclaim our agenda.

– We seldom go without a day of meaninglessly swiping and checking all of our digital devices.

– Is what we are daily doing have meaning or just filling our time? Busyness does not mean it is meaningful.

– Write down what you want to accomplish this week, this month and this year – they become our declaration of what we want to accomplish with our time and our lives. Without such a written declaration, we will very likely walk around aimlessly. There’s a reason that nations have written declarations and follow them.

– For most, not knowing how to say no is where their life falls into the thicket of distress. You do not have to say yes to everything that comes across your desk.

– People will not always be happy by us saying no, but after while it will be clear that we have a purpose and that we are not deviating from. The goal of saying no is not to be cruel or cold rather to keep our sanity, purpose and progress.

– Every day we can do something to advance our goals and purpose.

– Doubt produces only small men and small women, scared of their own shadows. Only faith can get us out of doubt’s grips. Think why we can’t overcome, there’s no reason to doubt.

– Delay is another monstrous head that tries to creep up in our lives. Delay cries out and tells us to stop, wait, we are not ready yet, and listen to my (delay) brother doubt. Because of delay, many people live in misery or regret. Decisive action is what kills the voice of the delay. Destiny changes when we take action and do not delay. Heroism is to take action even when we are afraid.

– Defiance is yet another poison.

– Division is another poison that destroys many people. We feel like everyone around us is an idiot or doesn’t deserve our respect. Loneliness, fear or anger towards others just division. When we do not value another person’s rights. The answer to our division is love. Love sees the value of others, it realizes that everyone has their battles I deserve respect. Advancement.

– All we need to move forward already lies within us.

– What great thing has ever been accomplished without a little recklessness. It is reckless to try something new or against convention.

– The bold know that in order to do something they must begin.

– You are responsible for your reality.

– Decide what you want to happen in your world and think of how to make it happen.

– No goals equals no growth.

– Action is a must to making things happen. The timid and afraid will always find some reason to start.

– We are joyful only when we do what we think brings joy. We are successful only when we do what brings success. We’re satisfied only what we do what satisfies us.

– Relaxing is an action, dreaming, meditating, it’s so much more than an action.

– Those who do not advance in life are often immature and reliable on others.

– We must not be trapped by fear of criticism or abandonment, we must press forward and advance.

– The only permission granted by society is to follow its norms and rules. No one wants us to advance too quickly because they are afraid they will be left behind.

– Will we choose other people’s approvals and opinions over our own desires and advances? We cannot give everything away because we let other people rule us.

– Most of the success stories in life are people started from scratch, that had nothing but started anyway.

– It is but our own will, desire and vision that we need to start, nothing else. There could be no mastery in life if we cannot turn our disappointment and misfortune to joy and appreciation. If we are not joyful enough, the truth is that we are not bidding will towards joy.

We could lie and say that joyful people have it easier than us, but that is not true. We all know people who are less fortunate get our happy.

Children are little sprouts of joy, do not worry or concern themselves with so many things. So let us become thankful for all that we have and let joy return to us.

Just as joy is a choice, so his gratitude. The person others can count on. Say you’re going to be somewhere, be there. Do what you say you’re going to do.

Desperation causes many people to lose their integrity. Slow down and enjoy what we have. We must stop being like hienas wolfing down all of our food take time to taste. Let us take pleasure what we are, if it does not push aside. It is such a easy formula.

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