Ziglar on Selling

Ziglar on Selling

by Zig Ziglar


– Learn, look and live: Learn from the past, Look with hope to the future and Live in the presents.

– Realize that all salesmen have had the door slammed in their face, talked rudely to and laughed that. – Keep up with fresh information to stay ahead of your competitors.

– Choosing to be a good salesman is a daily task. Make a daily commitment that you will become a better salesman.

– Your salary will become more effective when you become more effective.

– In sales, you don’t have to wait for things to happen, you can make things happen.

– In sales, it’s an inside job; depends on you. Depends on your attitude, determination, planning and commitment to make things happen instead of waiting on someone else to make things happen.

– Professional sales people learn to put themselves in the shoes of other people. – Professional sales people must be excellent managers – they must manage their time and their life. The better they manage, the better they will do as a sales person.

– Understand that you can finish school but you will never finish your education, that is a lifelong process.

– The salesperson that will not keep up with the changes of the time will not be as effective as he could be.

– Happiness is not pleasure, it is victory.

– You can have everything in life that you want if you want help everyone in life get what they want.

– Being a salesman is not an 8 to 5 job, it is constantly looking for opportunities to work in any atmosphere.

– COD:  C – Commitment. Learn to communicate correctly your commitment. You don’t have to be pushy, you can do it in a tactful away. O – Observation. Observing at all times what is going on around you. D – Dedication. Dedicated to getting those contacts and having prospects.

– You will make more sales when you have the customers best interest in mind. The people get what they want and they will help you get what you want.

– If you’re going to make a sales call, know the reason for your call and stick with it – if you’re unsure, the person on the end of the line will be unsure as well.

– When you make calls, dress for success. The way you dress even if you’re making the call from home, will affect how you feel and how you make the call.

– Smile when you talk on the phone, your facial expressions will come out in your voice.

1. Need Analysis. Analyze the need of the customer. If you give people both a reason for buying and an excuse for buying, you will very likely make the sale. People buy more because they want to rather than because they need too. So show people how what you’re selling and how it would be good and advantageous for them. Ask questions and you’ll find out what they need and want and then you’ll know how to help them.

2. Need Awareness. Find out what the customer needs and wants.

3. Need Solution. Present them with the solution for their problem and their situation. You don’t just buy a computer, you buy something that will help you organize your life. You don’t buy a bed, you’re purchasing something that gets you a good night sleep. You don’t buy an exercise machine, you are purchasing something that will give you a longer and happier life. In the same way, show them that what they are buying from you will solve problems and meet needs. We don’t buy products, we buy solutions. We lead with need.

4. Need Satisfaction. Have their best in mind. Identify the problem, give the solution and satisfy the customer.

People buy more when they are more emotionally involved. Ask three questions when you finish presenting your product.

A. Can you see how our product can save you money?

B. Are you interested in saving money? (this question seems obvious, but should be asked.)

C. If you are ever going to start saving money, what is the best time to start? (this is a reminder that failure to take action will have consequences.)

– They say that 96% of salesman quit trying after their 4th try but it is said that someone does not buy a product until after the 5th time. Be consistent.

– When your prospect says NO, it may just mean that he does not KNOW enough or you have not explained it well enough.

– When a prospect responds negatively, get QUIET: Q – begin with a question U – understand yourself what their objection is I – identify the objection E – empathize with the prospect T – since you are empathizing instead of sympathizing with the prospect, now you are ready to test the objection.

– When you’re responded to in a rude manner, you have a choice to make — you can choose to respond ugly or choose to be kind. You have the power of choice.

– No matter how angry or upset someone is, remember that it is hard to continue speaking in anger for more than 2 minutes. If you will just let the person finish than his anger will be over, but if you interrupt him you will allow him to regain momentum and keep going.

– Many times, when a customer is upset, it has something to do with what happened to them prior and not necessarily what you are talking about. If you can keep your calm, they will very likely come back to you and feel sorry for the attitude that they had.

– When you are traveling work hard, but when you’re at home be home. Don’t go home to your family but your mind still be traveling.

– One dissatisfied customer will tell more people about you than one satisfied customer will tell. You must be very aware and careful with customers.

– If you will treat prospects as you do you’re paying customers, you will avoid 99% of your problems.

– Most sales people don’t fail because they work too hard, they fail because they are not working hard enough.

– It cost almost 5 times as much work getting a new customer as it does keeping a current customer – so work at making those that you already have happy.

– What a sales person works at organization and discipline, he will be more successful in every area of life.

– Until you get yourself right, your sales and business will not be right – make sure you work on your own attitude.

– Failure is an event, not a person. So if you have failed, leave it in the past and decide to move forward.

– Turn your car into an automobile University. If you spend so many hours in a car, use it to your advantage and educate yourself.

– Take care of your health. Just because you travel does not mean that you have to eat bad and not exercise. In some ways, it is easier to choose what you eat because you don’t have to be tempted to run to the refrigerator.

– Exercise. When you arrive somewhere you can make a schedule to walk, jog, run or exercise in someway. It could be easier making a schedule to exercise while you’re away than it is what you at home.

– Success is not beating the other guy, it is using the abilities you have to the fullest.

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