The Disciplines of the Christian Life

The Disciplines of the Christian Life

by Eric Liddell


– A life of discipleship. The key to discipleship is knowing God.

– Obedience is the secret to insight and knowing God. Not willingness to go, but willingness to do.

– Every Christian should live a God-guided life.

– Doing God’s will was like meat to Jesus – John 4:34

– You will know as much of God’s will as you are willing to do and to put in practice.

– Surrender your own will to whatever God wants.

– Honesty is yet another discipline that we need as Christians. Honesty with money, with work, with others, etc.

– Love – it is never rude, it is always patient, it is always open, never selfish, never selfcentered, always slow to expose, always eager to leave the best, is hopeful, it never fails.

– Humility – never justifies itself and never pushes itself forward. It self examine’s and always looks to the Savior. Pride is the great enemy of humility. Humility is not looking out for self yet always willing to reconcile if it has done wrong.

– To know God.

• To know God you must spend time with him every day.

• When you spend time with God:

1. Take time to just be silent.

2. Name the things that you are thankful for.

3. Reflect on what the challenges are to accept with God’s help

4. Reflect on what the new truths or challenges you received from God’s word today.

5. Remember your duty to witness for God in every moment throughout the day.

• Learn verses and learn hymns to be able to say and sing.

– Sin is the thing that separates us from God; it brings consequences.

– If we neglect time praying to God by saying that we can pray any time, we will likely pray at no time.

– Faith cast fear and feelings aside.

– Pure – Pure in speech, pure in body, pure in habits. Pure in mind and thought, pure in outlook towards those of the opposite sex.

– Self-discipline is essential in the Christian life.

– The only way to face persecution is to rejoice.

– Lordship means saying not my will but thine.

– We are stewards

– We could be slothful stewards (Matthew 25:14-30) but we could also be faithful stewards (1 Corinthians 4:1–2).

– We are to be stewards of our finances, stewards of our minds, stewards of our bodies, memory, education, gifts, time, talents, etc. All to be used for his will not our will.

– Do not live in fear. Fear paralyzes faith. If God put something in your heart to do, do it even if you are afraid. Fear does not come from looking at yourself but looking at Jesus.

– In Mark 5:36, Jesus says not to be afraid but only believe. Faith acts and victory follows.

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