The Complete Negotiator

The Complete Negotiator

by Gerard Nierenberg


– Life is not a game that only one can win, it is more that both sides can win.

– You get further in life by understanding the other person.

– Instead of thinking your ideas are the rational ones and the other person’s are irrational, spend more time trying to understand the person instead of condemning the person.

– You should listen to the other person. This does not mean that you have to change your premises but it doesn’t mean that you can understand the other person to work it out better.

– A successful negotiation is one in which everyone wins.

– Negotiation requires communication, which requires both listening and speaking.

– People show more of their attitude by nonverbal actions than they do verbally. Learn to look at how they are communicating verbally, pay attention. A good negotiator listens with both the eyes and the ears.

– Keep control of the situation by not responding according to their reactions.

– You control the climate, the climate does not control you.

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