You Can If you Think You Can

You Can If you Think You Can

by Norman Vincent Peale


– Some people believe that life will be better if we did not have problems, but we would not be better off without the problems. Problems can actually be good for us.

– No one in a cemetery has problems, not a one… but they are dead.

– Every problem has within it the seeds of a solution.

– The only way to make strong people is through struggles.

– Character needs challenges to mature.

– You can if you think you can, but it is in your attitude.

– When fate throws a dagger at you, you have two ways to grab it: by the blade or by the handle.

– No one can escape problems, but you can look at them in a different way. Adopting a new attitude is the first step in overcoming and conquering problems.

– What is keeping you from running towards your goal? There are two big things that fight for control of your mind: fear and faith.

– Don’t let your fears push you around, believe that you can and start acting like it.

– One way to prepare for fear is to realize that all the resources you need are in your mind… they’re just waiting for you to summon them.

– Quit thinking about yourself and think of the others that need what you have.

– To give up is to invite complete defeat.

– If what you’re trying does not work, then, approach the problem another way. If that doesn’t work, then try another way. But the key does lie within you and you can get through the problem.

– If you want to win at something, do not talk defeat. You can actually talk yourself out of something by indulging yourself in negative language.

– If you are going to win and get through problems, fill your mind with the thought that it is too soon to quit and you can get through the problem.

– Will you give up or will you keep trying? What you decide is what will decide your future.

– When a problem comes your way, do not complain or give up, find the solution. Remember that every problem contains a solution within it.

– Have confidence. If you can think straight under pressure, the answer will come to you.

– Successful people do not get over alarmed by the problems and they do not get frightened by problems.

– When there is a problem, research, dissect and analyze.

– Your mind is a very complex organ. If you can calmly accept and think through a problem, you can find a solution.

– No matter what difficulty faces your life, you can handle it if you only believe you can.

– You will never know what you can do unless you try. And if you will keep moving forward with a positive attitude and persistence, you will get it done.

– Know where you want to go, what you want to be and go at achieving it.

– Pray about your goal. If it is not right, then don’t do it, but if it is a right goal then work at it. Nothing wrong ever turned out right and nothing right turned out wrong.

– Everyone faces crisis, but anticipating the worst will cause you to freeze up. Visualize that you can do it in your mind and your heart and actions will follow that visualization.

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