How to get more people involved in your Church’s Mission Conference

One of the poorest attended meetings in the local church each year is the Church Mission’s Conference.  This is a sad indictment upon our churches and our concern for lost souls around the world.  However it also indicates poor planning and preparation on the part of the pastor and the church.  Someone said; “Everything rises and falls on leadership!”  That is certainly the truth!  Here are a few ideas that you might consider that might help your next conference. Continue reading “How to get more people involved in your Church’s Mission Conference”

Why have a Missions Conference at your Church?

Probably only 30% of Baptist churches hold an annual missions conference. Of course there are different emphasis, theories, and “ways” in ministry, but I want to share a few ideas of why an annual missions conference can be a help and blessing to your church.

  1. The conference will help put missions in front of the people. Don’t forget that we are to be witnesses in our Jerusalem as well as in the uttermost parts.
  1. The conference places a healthy role model for the church. We get what we honor. If we bring in missionaries and let them share their burdens for the lost around the world, our children may look up to them and want to be like them. We all agree we need more laborers, but if we don’t show examples of what laborers are we can’t get upset that the people are not surrendering.

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Preparing for missions conference

  1. Choosing a speaker

Some choose missionaries they have at the conference, others bring in a speaker. Although you definitely want testimonial and presentation time from every missionary, I believe the most beneficial would be to bring someone in that can challenge your people and giving and getting involved in missions. Most missionaries are timid to speak about money but a discreet missions conference speaker contact fully challenged and help your church and giving and doing more.

Just because a preacher as a friend, can preach well or has a growing church, does not mean he can adequately help your church in the area of missions. You will want to choose a speaker who will help your church in the effort of worldwide missions. And this may require planning and scheduling a year in advance.

  1. Choosing missionaries

The wrong Missionary could discourage your church instead of encourage the Church. Call around and research in order to schedule missionaries that have goals, are passionate, have the right preparation, a good recommendation from his pastor, is raising his support quickly and is sure of God’s leading in his life. This kind of Missionary Continue reading “Preparing for missions conference”