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Purple Cow Purple Cow, New Edition: Transform Your Business by ...

Purple Cow

by Seth Godin 


– All cows look the same after a while, but if you were to see a purple cow, it would definitely stand out.

– A product for everybody is a product for nobody.

– You have to find your niche on the market.

– It has to be much more than just a good product to sell, you have to find a venue that will sell your items. For example, tide would go out of business if Walmart did not sell it.

– Don’t try to cater to the masses, cater to the audience that you choose.

– The purple cow is so rare because people are afraid. Everyone wants to color within the lines, not fail or be criticized… therefore we stay invisible.

– Playing it safe might just be the riskiest thing your company does because it stays invisible.

– The opposite of remarkable is good. We might think the opposite of remarkable is horrible the true opposite is just coasting or being good.

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