Raising Men Not Boys

Raising Men, Not Boys: Shepherding Your Sons to be Men of God ...

Raising Men Not Boys

by Mark Fabarez


– Your children are not given to you to you to make you happy but so that you can prepare them for the future.

– Your goal cannot be to hang on to kids as long as possible rather to prepare them for life.

– Your children will thrive, mature and grow when they know you and your spouse are committed to each other in marriage.

– Nothing is more central to our child’s existence than that of knowing God.

– Boys do the best when sent from a strong home, and that’s a home with a strong marriage.

– Have rules, but make as few rules as possible.

– Make him sweat by playing and running outside, boys need it. Get them moving instead of watching a movie.

– Teach them a good work ethic. You are preparing him for a future job, teach him to work hard and diligent.

– Teach discipline by having to get up, to be outside, quiet time (more for you than them), do chores, and keep a schedule.

– Teach generosity instead of greed. Loving money will only hurt them, learning to give money will help them.

– Respond to the sins of your children, but do not overreact about them.

– Jesus grew in favor with God and man.


This would be a good model to teach our children:

1. To grow in favor with God by knowing God in their lives and walking with him.

2. To learn to relate to others — it is our responsibility to teach our children how to socially interact with others. – Teach your son to be humble instead of being arrogant – Luke 18:14.


– Teach hygiene and care for their body.

– Teach respect for others and especially those in authority.

– There should be teaching on gratitude.

– Model and teach them how to say sorry as well as forgive others.

– We are growing up in a world of screens that will not just occupy our children’s minds for hours or days, but for years and lifetime. We must teach them to not be consumed by technology or they will be destroyed by it.

– The happiness of your children cannot be your main goal in raising kids — but sadly this is the case with the majority of parents.

– Dad, take pride in your son(s) wanting to become independent as a man, even though mom has a hard time with it. Husbands must lovingly lead their wives into accepting and understanding their son is becoming independent man.

– Even though your son is growing and wants his freedom, dad must still be firm that he treats his mother (your wife) with dignity and respect.

– Critical comments about your son’s appearance, specifically in the teen years, can be very damaging. Help him with clothing, hygiene and body care, but be very careful or your comments can close the doors to influencing and helping.

– Teach your son to say no to alcohol and drugs.

– Every teenage boy needs a curfew. – Letting your son get a job will teach him responsibility as well as how to interact with others.

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