Problems of Christian Leadership

Problems of Christian Leadership by John R.W. Stott

Problems of Christian Leadership

By John Stott


1. The Problem of Discouragement

– We must persevere under the pressure

– 2 Cor. 12:7 — we have weaknesses in our flesh. God could take them away but does not have to take them away. His power is mighty in our weakness.


2. The Problem of Self-discipline

– We must retain spiritual refreshment

– Some of our spiritual problems could be physical problems… we must to take time off and get the needed rest.

– Learn the discipline of rest

– Learn the discipline of devotions — find a reading plan and go through the Bible as well as time to pray.


3. The Problem of Relationships.

– We must learn to treat people with respect.

– Rom 14:7 — No man lives and dies to himself.

– No man is an island.

– Treat people as Christ treats people

– Treat people as unto Christ — Col. 3:17,23

– Listen to others, it shows respect and is productive.


4. The Problem of Youth

– Learn to be a leader while young.

– Be an example in your youth — 1 Timothy 4:16

– Many belittle youth, so act responsible and respectful.

– Grow in spiritual maturity.

– Practice what you preach.

– Treat older men as fathers and older women as mothers; younger women as sisters and younger men as brothers.

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