Practical Principles for the Pastor

Practical Principles for the Pastor (King James Bible Topic Series Book 10) by [Warren, Dr. Ray]

Practical Principles for the Pastor

A Pastor’s Guide to Survival

Raymond Warren


To be stable in the ministry, you must have an assurance of your call.

If self is behind your call to the ministry, adversity will lead you to question your call and quit.

There are many positive aspects of the ministry. The rewards are many. There are also negative aspects. There will be adversity. …This is not the time you will feel like praying. Pray anyway. Character rises above feelings and does what is necessary.

Elisha relied on music. Find inspirational music and have it ready for adversity.

He (David) used the events of the past to encourage himself … keep a “blessings” diary

Soil analysis is a key source of information to the farmer concerning his crops. From a thorough examination the farmer can discern the most productive crops to plant. He can also discern where those crops are to be planted for maximum yield. The pastor must make such a soil analysis of this field. Once the soil type is identified, the farmer is instructed how to fertilize, plant, and cultivate.

It may take a pastor as much as two years to find the prime harvest time. Once that time is determined, the energies of the whole church must be marshaled.

If a farmer does not plant, he will not harvest.  If you will not plant today, do not expect to reap tomorrow. Plan your spring time so there will be a bountiful harvest. Each harvest is dependent on spring time effort.

Five “P’s” for my priorities:






Prepare well rounded meals (talking about preaching). My “menus” have the following:


Basic Doctrines



Holy Spirit


Soul winning




The Home

Miracles of Christ

Parables of Christ





The Bible



Consider these questions: Does the church need stability? Does the church need motivation to win souls? Does the church need encouragement to serve? Does the church need assurance that it is doing the right things? You pastor, are the doctor who must ever be on the lookout of spiritual illnesses. Once you have made the diagnosis, send for the necessary specialist.

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