Never Eat Alone

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Never Eat Alone

By Tahl Raz and Keith Ferrazzi


Everyone has something that they can teach you.

Who we are is determined by who we decide to interact with.

Everything exists with relationships we cannot live in isolation.

Life is like a game and those that know the rules do the best.

You cannot get somewhere alone, or at least very far.

People who can create a network of relationships will be successful in any business.

Learning to connect is one of the most important qualities you can learn, because people do business with and help those that they connect with.

Real networking is about making other people successful. Giving rather than getting.

None of us are a self-made person; all of us are made up of other people.

We need others – and that is not just sentiment, that is science.

One magazine put it like this: the key to health and happiness is having healthy and happy friends.

Relationships are like muscles, the more you use them the stronger they become.

It’s always better to give than to receive, and remember to never keep count.

Contribute – give your time, help and influence to others.

Set goals – have a plan A and a plan B to get there. Know what you want and a plan to get there.

You will truly become popular if you can treat everyone that you meet with sincerity and kindness.

The great myth to networking is that you reach out to people when you need them; the truth is that you reach out to them way before you ever need anything.

Become people’s friends; do not just use them for networking or clientele.

Be nice to the gatekeeper – if someone is a secretary or the middleman to the person you need to get to, you better remember that they can open or close the door.

Have dinner parties.

Never forget the contact you gave you the contact.

Follow up with people.

Bump – intentionally bump into people to get to meet them.

Send a thank you letter, email or some form of contact after you meet someone.

The most important part in an email is the subject line.

Social media should be used with the mindset of how can I help people and what is useful to others instead of just putting whatever’s on your mind.

Before sending an email, check the grammar.

You must be distinct or you will become extinct.

Help other people and you will be helped.

Learn to ask people, you never know if you do not ask.

The key to life is your relationships that are in it.

The problem is not that we have to many people in our lives but that we have too few.

Life is about work. Work is about life. And both are about people.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be the best in the world as long as you remember that you should be the best for the world.

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