Opportunity’s Doors by Robert Hedrick

I remember some of the doors of opportunity God has opened for me,
Then I unknowingly reached out and closed them all rather selfishly.
Losing my chance to exalt the name of Jesus to some who needed to hear,
About a Savior that loves them and someday soon, He is going to appear.

At this point in my life I realize how important each opportunity can be,
In helping others to accept Jesus instead of facing a most tragic eternity.
Explaining God’s plan of salvation as He puts them within my reach,
Wherever I may be, either high on a mountain or down on a sandy beach.

The bible tells me that the harvest is ready however the laborers are few,
Then this is my signal that there is plenty of work out there for me to do.
Be ready to witness to others at any time wherever God may see fit to lead,
And then to keep each one in my prayers daily that has a spiritual need.

Now when God opens those doors of opportunity I intend to walk on through,
To be very faithful in witnessing for Him as I know He created me to do.
For there was a time someone else had an opportunity performing it well,
Whenever they witnessed to me leading me away from the gates of hell.

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