Multiplication By Dawson Trotman

Notes taken from preaching by Dawson Trotman:

Multiplication was the 1st thing God told Adam and Eve – and to Noah and his family when got off the ark

  1. One can not multiply if no union (man with his wife) — and one can not spiritually multiply if do not know Christ
  2. One cannot multiply if sterile or a sickness – a Christian that does not have the spiritual union with Christ and gossips and lives in sin is sick spiritually and cannot reproduce. One is spiritually sterile when they do not have a daily walk with the Lord
  3. One can not multiply if lacks maturity (a kid can not b/c his body is not ready) – if Christian is a babe (I Cor. 2-3) and immature, they can not reproduce

There are Christians that have been saved for years and have never reproduced – I don’t want to know how many tracts you passed out, rather how many sheep you have.

So many people are ready to cross an ocean and learn a language, but do not have anyone they have won and living for Christ. And so many lay people are sitting and not producing. Could it be a lack of communion with the Lord? Could it be sin in your life? Could it be that you are still a babe and need to be taught again?

Teach someone to read and study God’s Word

Many Christians are busy, but not producing — where is the man you have won and is living for the Lord. There is much spiritual activity but no productivity.

We need a follow-up program — those who are saved must learn and grow in the Lord.

Pray and beg, “God give me a man to win and teach”

Paul followed up his converts with prayer and love and care – the NT is full of letters he wrote to those he won, following up on them. I, II, III John are food for the new convert.

Many say I won them and commend them to the Lord, but if a father leaves his children at home alone and says “the Lord will watch them,” we would quote the Bible saying the man who does not provide for his family is worse than an infidel. We must win and teach.

I would have one Isaac alive than 100 dead. A dead Isaac can do nothing, but a live Isaac will have a Jacob that will have 12 sons that will be an entire nation.

You can lead one to Christ in 20 minutes to an hour, but it takes 20 weeks to years to teach one, but this way you have more than doubled your ministry. Because when you win and teach one, then they imitate you and the ministry will continue going forward.

Ask the Lord: “Am I sterile”?  If so, find out why and fix it.

We have many pew sitters and big givers thinking they have done their deeds, but where is your man that you have won and taught.

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