Managing God’s Money

Managing God's Money: A Biblical Guide: Randy Alcorn ...

Managing God’s Money

by Randy Alcorn


– Money is not a toy to play with but a tool to be used.

– We are managers of God’s money.

– As Martin Luther said, we are managers of the mind, the heart and the purse.

– The issue is not what we would do with $1 million if we had it but what we are doing with the money we currently do have.

– God cares a great deal about the little things. For this reason, if we cannot be faithful with the worldly money, how can we be faithful with that which is eternal?

– If Christ is not Lord over our money and possessions, then He is not Lord at all.

– Jesus sat and watched as people gave and then told His disciples that the widow woman gave more than the other people. The Bible does not say that Jesus happened to see, yet He was looking. He pays attention to our giving.

– How we handle our money speaks much about our spiritual lives.

– God owns everything, and even what He has placed in my hands is His and not mine.

– When we realize everything belongs to God, we can then ask God what He wants us to do with what He gave us.

– Money is neutral, but how you use it can be evil or good.

– Materialism does not and cannot bring happiness.

– The lost worry about what they’re going to eat, drink, and wear but God’s children should not worry about that ‘

– Matthew 6

– If you love money, you will never have enough – Ecclesiastes 5:10–11.

– Materialism will blind you from many of God’s big blessings.

– Materialism can blind people from depending on God. Why would you need God if you have everything you need and want? Prosperity can turn people away from God.

– Those that grew up with almost anything that they wanted, later in life have more problems with debt, blaming others, and irresponsibility.

– No money can replace a dad’s presence.

– Take your children to a junkyard and show them that their toys and gadgets will end up there one day.

– Do not believe that just because you love God you will have financial prosperity.

– Prosperity gospel/theology says to “live like a king’s kid,” but how did our God send His Son to live in this world? This philosophy is not fully according to the Bible.

– God does not entrust us with riches so that we can keep them but so that we can give them.

– Giving away money puts us in a financial weakness and we do not like that. Giving helps us depend on God, prepare for future friends that can help us when we’re in need, and fills us with joy.

– Spend your life serving the right Master and investing in the right things.

– People are always looking for safe places to put their money and God gives us the safest place — putting our treasures in heaven.

– Just because God puts money in our hands doesn’t mean it’s supposed to stay there.

– Parting with something we don’t want is not giving, it is just selective discarding.

– God’s money manager should not ask how much he should keep but how much should give.

– Tithing should not be the end of our giving but the beginning of our giving. Tithing teaches us to honor and depend on God.

– Giving to the poor is lending to the Lord.

– We are not to be store houses of money but channels with it.

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