Marriage Matters

Marriage Matters - Kindle edition by Tony Evans. Religion ...

Marriage Matters

by Tony Evans


– Some people want to get married because they think it is ideal, but then they find out it is an ordeal very soon they want a new deal.

– Adam was incomplete until God gave him Eve. God did not give him Eve until he realized his need for a helpmeet.

– Your differences are supposed to complement each other, to complete each other. Don’t allow them to drive a wedge between you.

– God told Adam what he could or could not eat and it was Adam‘s job to let his wife know. When the devil came tempting, he went through Eve. There is an order God has placed to operate (1 Corinthians 11:3). But we take things out of the order that God had placed them in, and give Satan and opportunity to cause problems.

– Man wants the woman to be under subjection to his authority but the man is not being subject to his authority, God.

– If you are the right kind of husband that loves his wife, you will not have to demand her to follow and fulfill her position.

– You don’t get God’s blessings without following God‘s rules and you don’t get God’s results without following God‘s guidelines. The problems in your marriage mean we’re not following God’s plans for your marriage.

– We as men are to get an example of what love is from God, because He is the standard for love. Ephesians 5:25-31

– Men are commanded to love and love requires sacrifice. David knew that a sacrifice would have to cost him something (2 Samuel 24:24). Men, what are we sacrificing, giving up, because we love our wives? Adam had to sacrifice for Eve by giving his rib. Jesus sacrificed for us by giving His life.

– Jesus did not only became our means, He became our sanctifier. To Sanctify means to change and make something better. As a husband, you are God’s tool to make your wife a better person.

– We cannot expect for God to make everything perfect in our marriage when He is not on the throne in our lives.

– God made marriage and because of that, marriage matters.

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