Making a Good Brain Great

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Making a Good Brain Great

By Daniel G. Amen, M.D.


Thoughts – thinking about good things can change your mindset and give you a healthy brain. Thinking of bad things will stress and cause your brain to be damaged. Go ANT (Automatic Negative Thoughts) hunting.

Food – blueberries, Fish, supplements, vitamin C, avocados, salads, fish oil, nuts, fruit, etc. omega 3 and supplements. Not cokes, fast food and greasy or sugared stuff.

Sex – Two times a week can greatly help a person and make a greater brain. Sex is like 30 minutes of jogging or exercise. Married people are happier and have more sex than single people according to studies.

Music – music can sue the people and helps you, the right kind of music. Some kind of music can frustrate and not help the brain. A study was made on new born babies listening to calm and soothing music, they grew better and their bodies and brains were at ease and calm.

Laughter – kids laugh 200 times a day and adults 12 times a day. If we will laugh more, it will help her brain. Watch comedians or find things that will make you laugh.

Activities – new, different or challenging activities can help stretch or maintain a good brain. A brain is like a muscle, do not use it and you will lose it. Trying new things like using your left hand and said your right hand, etc., will give you a healthy, great brain. Reading books, learning a new talent, getting a new hobby, trying a new activity, etc., will stretch and strengthen your brain. Learn something new everyday. TV, video games and other things will not stretch your brain or make you use it.

Sleep – not a ridiculous amount but trying to live on 4 hours of sleep a day will damage you in the long run.

Exercise – a little walking or moving around. We sit too much and go through a normal day with very little if any getting up and moving around.

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