Lincoln on Leadership

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Lincoln on Leadership

By Donald T. Phillips


Very personable

Forgave many people

Wrote letters of reputation but never sent them

Put capable man beside him although they didn’t always agree with him

Wrote letters of encouragement

Never gave up even though he was refused and did not win first time as president or send it in school etc. but kept going

His policy was always be honest

Don’t haste to make a decision, but act quickly on what is right.

Time is everything, so work with this in mind

Give credit where credit is due

Learn to lead while being  led

When someone does a good job, learn to Reward them and praise them but when they do a bad job take the responsibility for it

Let other people know that when they fail you fail

Publicly take responsibility for battles lost and opportunities not taken

If learn to praise good work and encourage more of it, the leader will soon be able to just guide and help the progress instead of doing all of the work

If you are a good leader with the job is done others will say we did this Ourselves

Write letters making personal egg knowledge meant of what people do good and do right

The greatest credit should go to those in your organization who render the hardest work

Set goals and be a result oriented

Leave nothing undone today in order to do it tomorrow

Battles are not won just by strategy but By hard fighting

Half labored work is usually work that is lost

When one of your leaders had a victory, write them a letter to take them even be willing to tell them that you could do it or didn’t know if it could be done but are glad that they did it.

Give credit where credit is due

Except responsibility when things go wrong

Because they have failed, I have failed as well

Please go to store encourage more the same ensuing the leader will not have to do all this work, rather monitor motivate the others to do it

If I am a good leader, with the job is accomplished they will say that they have accomplished it themselves

Write letters to subordinates and let them know that they were right and I was wrong

Leader should be self starters and change orientation

Leave nothing to do tomorrow what you can do today

Sometimes you just need to go around the problem instead of straight through it

Your war will not be won by strategy alone but more by just hard desperate fighting

Half finished work generally proves to be labor lost

Go out to the field of battle with your man

Give them all the support that you can and trust that they will do good with what you have given them

If someone does not perform adequately, give them ample time to turn it around and then move them out slowly.

Coach or council a person so that they can get off on the right foot, remember that you want them to succeed.

Don’t surround yourself with yes men what’s up with people who know what they are doing.

Don’t ever stop learning

When difficulty arises, arise with it. Thank a new and act a new.

Don’t lose confidence and people when they fail.

Let subordinates know that you always accept their suggestions.

If you never try, you will never succeed.

Surround yourself with people who really know their business and avoid yes-men

Never stop learning

Never feel that anything you have prepared is finished until it is published or if it is a speech, until you have delivered it.

The power to motivate people lies almost solely in the ability to communicate.

When meet with people make sure you leave with no strains between each other

When talk with someone, make them feel as if there is no superiority and as if they have known you all of their life

Don’t forget that humor is a major tool you need to persuade people

A good laugh is good for both the mental and physical digestion

People are usually more influenced with a humorous illustration than any other way.

A meaningful story can illustrate and help not to have to give a laborious explanation and can avoid pain or a truth

Loyalty is often one in a private conversation more than any other way.

Preach a vision and repeated often

Vision is what makes a leader and a manager different

Vision is the concise statement of where the company is headed and why they are excited about it

Come out of the ivory tower and mingle with the people, let the common people feel that they could talk to you

Continue growing fast as I grow the Ministry grows

Joy, being positive, not seeing all the negative things

Strategy/structure – to keep people and help people grow

Follow up

Do everything first class, make it look sharp, professional

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