Crash The Chatterbox Book Review by Jeff Bush

Crash The Chatterbox

by Steven Furtick

-Winning the war of words inside your soul means defying the critic inside of you.

-Paul may have been one of the greatest Christians of all time, yet he also fought the
battle in his mind – Romans 7:22-23

-The danger is not just what the chatter says in our head but what it doesn’t let us

– Identify comes before activity.

-The only one that needs to give us approval has accepted us, but too often we
cannot sense that.

-Insecurity can be an ultimate insult to God because it is believing that He didn’t
know what He was doing when He made us.

-A big reason for insecurity is that we are comparing everyone’s highlight reels to our
behind the scenes, boring life.

– Many Christians spend their lives trying to achieve something God has already
achieved for them.

-The more you learn to repeat back what God says, the more you will be able to crash
the chatterbox inside of you.

-God accepts us unconditionally. His acceptance is not based on what we do or have
done but based on what Christ has done.

-Things will change when you realize God does not just love you, but He likes you as

-The enemy cannot keep you from who you are but he can blind you from realizing
who you are.

– When Adam sinned against God in the garden, God came down and asked him an
impactful question. Adam told God he was naked and God asked him, “Who told
you that?” God had not told Adam he was naked. Adam did not hear that from God.
and this was the point. It came from the voice of the liar. And so many things we hear
and believe are also from the voice of the liar.

-The only way the chatterbox can get through in our minds is if we have already
deleted what God told us through His Word.

– If we are going to win this battle, we must push past the fears that are rooted deep
within us.

-What doors have remained closed because of the fear inside of you?

– Fear does not evaporate; it must be evicted.

-Kick fear out of your heart or it will keep you from what God has for you.

-We do not have to fear the storms we face when we know who protects us.

-Assess the fear but don’t obsess over it.

-In the parable of the talents, two servants gained more for their master and were
praised. The other servant hid his talent, made no gain and was condemned by his
master. The Scripture tells us he hid it and was condemned because he was afraid.
What are you missing out on as a result of fear?

– The enemy’s whispers give fear, but God’s whispers give hope.

– What labels have you placed upon yourself lately (I am a screamer, angry, dumb,
etc.)? It’s time to pull those off and realize God has already placed labels on you.

– When “I is the most mentioned word in our chatterbox, then God is the most absent
or forgotten.

– God’s assessment of you is determined no matter where you were before or where
you are right now.

– You can beat discouragement with gratitude.

– Gratitude begins when our sense of entitlement ends.

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