Calm, Cool, and Connected Book Review by Jeff Bush

Calm, Cool, and Connected.

by Arlene Pellicane

-It is better to be Wi-Fi poor and soul rich than the opposite way around.

-The smarter your tablet is, the dumber you can be – no need to know how to spell,
learn vocabulary, do math, etc.

-It’s a mediocre meal if you spend more time on the phone than you do with those
sitting around the table. It is a mediocre marriage if you text your spouse more than
you talk to your spouse.

-A life dominated by screens is a halfway life

– 71% of Americans sleep with or next to their phone.

-Multitasking does not save time. Multitasking interrupts, not letting you finish
something and reduces the quality of something.

-Look up to God instead of down to your phone, and enjoy the view.

-Three fourths of children in the UK spend less time outside than inmates in prison.

-Most people rarely go outside. It would do everyone good to go outside just to take
a walk or look around.

-Good reasons to go outside:

  1. Get vitamin D – sun and fresh air will do you good.
  2. Feel happier – people usually talk about winter blues (not summer) when they can’t go outside.
  3. Increase your concentration power – more time outside will result in more biking, exercise and activities that do your body good.
  4. Enjoy anti-aging benefits – a study of people that spent time outside every day at age 70 had less aching bones, health issues and sleep problems than those that did not spend outside daily. 

 Going outside increases health and decreases stress.

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