Better Dad’s, Stronger Sons

Better Dads, Stronger Sons: How Fathers Can Guide Boys to Become ...

Better Dad’s, Stronger Sons

by Rick Johnson


– We may never be perfect fathers, but we should be lifelong learners.

– We must become men of action and men of honor in the eyes of our sons.

– Men who will stand up against adversities are men their sons can look up to.

– You as a man are your family’s leader whether you believe it or not.

– You might think you are insignificant or not a big deal, but to your son you are a very big deal.

– You are the man that God chose to be the father of your children. He could’ve chosen any other person in the world, but God chose you for the task.

– The very survival of us as a people depends heavily on dad’s.

– A father‘s legacy will influence and impact for generations to come – for good or for bad.

– The power that a dad has is incredible. There’s almost nothing that a kid cannot do when there is a dad present that believes in them.

– Masculine apathy is the number one problem in our churches.

– When a mom takes her boys to church, there’s a 15% chance that they will go to church when they grow up. When a dad takes his boys to church, there is a 75% chance that they will continue going when they are grown up. Dad’s make a very big difference.

– God did not tell you to lead and raise up your son and then leave you alone to fail — trust and seek God for His help to raise your son.

– You must reconcile with your past because a broken father will only raise a broken son. – Sons actively seek to bond with their father’s because they long for and need men of a good example.

– A boy needs his dad to show him how to live, convictions to have, and how to be a man.

– Fathers are a necessity of their sons.

– Fathers bonding with their sons will give their sons a sense of security, protection and preparation for any problems that life sends their way.

– Time is the most valuable commodity you can give your sons.

– Don’t emphasize your son’s weaknesses rather his strengths.

– Don’t avoid physical affection to your son.

– Don’t see your time spent with your son as a waste.

– Don’t abuse your authority. Col 3:21

– Rules should be reasonable.

– Teach your son how complacency is dangerous.

– Teach your son resilience, he will need it when he fails in any area.

– Teach your son to be loyal. You have to be loyal to teach loyalty.

– Let your son work and teach him about money.

– One of greatest gifts you can give to your children is to love your wife.

• Love and honor her.

• Thank her.

• Help her.

• Praise her daily.

• Provide and manage your money wisely.

• Make a covenant with God, wife, children and yourself that divorce is not an option.

• Be conscious that your son needs to know how to love a woman, and you are giving him that example.


– Teach your son about sex or he’ll learn from friends or somewhere else.

– You are accountable for your sons sexual purity, or at least teaching and warning him about it.

– Our sons are the next generation of dads, husbands and men and they need a live role model in action.

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