Above Life‘s Turmoil Book Review By Jeffrey Bush

Above life’s turmoil

By James Allen


You can transform everything around you if you will transform yourself. Every man thinks, acts, and lives in exact accordance to that which he believes. He that criticizes and condemns believes in hatred towards others, not love. Belief always proceeds action. 

Whatever you are in your secret thoughts, be it good or bad, you will eventually be in  your deeds. 

You choose by your thoughts what you will entertain. 

No man is wise because of another but because he chooses that himself. No man is  hindered or suffers because of another, he is hindered or suffers because of himself. 

The man that thinks hateful thoughts brings hatred upon himself, the same goes for  love.  

If a man cannot govern his inner self, he will not be able to govern other areas. It is by self-control that a man rises higher and higher.  

Let a man use self-discipline, and he will live better.  

Your greatest hindrances are your own passions and delusions. 

There are three things which a man must be content with: 

  1. With whatever happens  
  2. With his friendships and possessions  
  3. With his thoughts  

There are three things which a man should not be content with:  1. With his opinions 

  1. With his character  
  2. With his spiritual condition  

Brotherhood cannot exist when we are self-seeking. 

There are four enemies destructive to brotherhood:  

  1. Pride 
  2. Self-love 
  3. Hatred 
  4. Condemnation 

There are four chief qualities of divine brotherhood:  

  1. Humility 
  2. Self-surrender 
  3. Love 
  4. Compassion 

Blessed is he who has no wrongs to remember, no injuries to forget, and whose pure  heart no hateful thought about another can take root and flourish.  

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