When Good Men Get Angry Book Review

When Good Men Get Angry  

by Bill Perkins

Anger management is a lack of understanding God‘s omnipresence in your  life. 

To control your anger you must understand who you are in Christ.  Lack of respect is a large reason many men become angry. Pride feeds your flesh, which in turn feeds your anger. 

An arrogant man believes he is always right. 

Anger gives people a sense of control. 

Most people cannot feel compassion for the person when they are angry. Choose forgiveness. 

Bitterness fuels anger. 

Pray positive prayers about the person you are angry against. Bitterness and love cannot be fostered in the same heart. 

It’s easier to forgive someone you decide to understand. Decide to process  your anger alone with God. 

Bury the past so you can celebrate the future.  


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