At Your Best

   At Your Best

By Carey Nieuwhof


It is said that 70% of American adult workers are experiencing some kind of burnout.  Stress, and its cousin burnout, are spreading like a pandemic.  

If you don’t think that stress costs you anything, you are wrong.  

Your excuse might be that you are just in a busy season, but seasons have  beginnings and endings. If saying it’s a season is always your excuse then it’s not just  a season rather your life. Something needs to change. 

Time off will not heal you when the problem is how you spend your time on.  

Time off, vacations and sabbaticals are not the solution for an unsustainable pace; a  sustainable pace is the solution.  

You get aggravated when other people don’t value your time, but the real problem is  that you don’t value your time.  

Hijacked priorities happen when you let other people determine what you get done.  

Many people have not learned to say no, or to say no in a way that does not offend  others and burn bridges.  

Be truthful about time. We say we can’t do something or couldn’t finish something  because we didn’t have time. The truth is we have time but waste or do not prioritize  it.  

We love excuses, but excuses kill hopes, dreams and goals.  

You can make excuses or you can make progress, but you can’t make both. 

Stop saying you didn’t have time and start being truthful by saying you didn’t make the time.  

Although there are times that you cannot control (work), you do have control of much  of your time (before and after work, at home or with family).  

Focus on the time and things that you can control not the things you cannot control.  We give more attention and time to things in life that are urgent yet not so important.  

The wrong things will always want your attention. The hard thing is to make sure the  right things get your attention.  

If you’re waiting for the optimal time to do your best work, that will never happen.  Turn off all notifications when you are trying to get work done.  

Good sleep is still one of the best things to help you be more productive.  A focused you is a is a better you.  

Control your calendar so that others do not control you. If you do not plan and live by  your calendar, you will begin living by other people’s agenda.  

Other people’s needs do not have to become your guilt. 

You become what you repeatedly do.  

You have to block out time for priorities and what matters to you.

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