Why People do not Agree with Their Leader

Some years ago, a friend and I made a trip on the mission field where some church members wanted to divide because of negative things they saw in their pastor.  Praise the Lord that after my pastor’s counsel the situation was better and the pastor and people decided to fix things and go on for our Lord.  I would like to share a few key things the church people saw that were negative in the life of the pastor.  Hopefully it will be a help to us as missionaries, pastors, and workers to make sure we know others are watching our lives.

  1. “We don’t see you Tithing” The question is not whether one is tithing, but rather make sure that we as well are giving as the plate is passed or putting our envelope.  People must not only hear from our mouth, but see from our actions.
  2. “Don’t Be So Mean When you Preach” Only the Lord can give us the message, but we must be loving, comforting, uplifting and encouraging, providing hope as well as condeming the sin.  Preach hell and hell hot, but preach heaven and heaven sweet.  The question may not be what topics are being preached, rather in what attitude – with hatefulness or with love wanting to help the people part from their ways and give all to Jesus.
  3. “We Need your Help” As a spiritual example, we must visit or be of aid – whether going ones self or sending another to go.  Our prayers for them, preaching to help them, presence to lift them and more – we are there to be a spiritual leader and lead them to the Rock that is higher than ourselves.
  4. “Face Problems and Confrontation and Don’t Avoid” Ignoring a problem will not always solve a problem.  Sometimes we must go and ask forgiveness or confront the sin, etc.  Ignoring serious things could make the sin spread and the monster get bigger – so face the problem and pray God will give victory over it.
  5. “We Want to Know You Walk with Jesus” The Church people must not only hear, but see that their leader walks with the Lord.  If the leader is nervous, the followers are more nervous.  Let them see that God is leading and you are stepping out on faith to lead them – with the Lords hand and guidance directing you.  Our preaching, teaching, talks, prayers and every day life should manifest our walk with Jesus in private.  The people will follow if they see their leader walks with the King of Kings.

Here to Serve,

Jeff Bush

General Director of Vision Baptist Missions

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