Where’s Your Wealth

by Jeffrey Bush 10-2020


May your wealth be in the cross

Not in money, possessions, or fame.

How can you live a normal life? 

Instead of being consumed with His lovely name. 



He is worthy of absolutely everything, 

He deserves your time, your love, and your all.

What is stopping you from selling out? 

Do you not hear His beckoning call?



Are you willing to submit?

And lay your life down at His feet?

Or are you holding on too tightly,

Not knowing that your needs He can meet?



Can you say like the apostle Paul, 

That you count all your gain as loss? 

Do you hunger and thirst for righteousness?

Willing to follow no matter the cost? 



Have you grasped that God has a purpose? 

That life is not to be about you? 

God wants your life for His service, 

It’s time to surrender afresh and anew. 

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