“Go Ye” Means You

“Go Ye” Means You

By Norman Lewis

  • God could have sent angels to evangelize the world. But He did not. He might have broadcast the message from heaven. But He did not. He might have utilized a heavenly TV. But He did not. God chose to send men, men saved from sin, to win other sinners. 
  • Every Christian must fit into God’s plan or miss life‘s meaning.
  • Matthew 28:19–20 uses the word “teach” and “teaching.”  “Teach” deals with evangelization and “teaching” deals with edification.
  • On with the message, on with the light.

         On to the regions still shrouded in night,

         On to the nations that never have heard,

         On with the life-giving, soul-saving Word.


  • It is wonderful to work for God. It is even better to know we are working with God in the task of His choice.
  • Christians should be identified with both the person and purpose of Christ.

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