What kind of missionaries to send out

Personal notes from the book Missions by Andy Johnson


1. Assess their Character 

Men that are self-starters, honest, spiritual and will get the work done. 


2. Assess their Fruitfulness 

Are they taking up space or producing fruit? If they are not producing fruit where they are at, they most likely will not produce fruit on the field where they go.


3. Assess their Bible Knowledge 

People who stand out in their knowledge of the Scriptures. They should both know for themselves what they believe and know how to teach the Scriptures to others so that it can be reproduced and lived out in the lives of others.


People that are not faithful and fruitful members of the church will not be good missionaries.

Evaluate the missionary that you’re going to support by making sure he is still logically sound, has a good work ethic, has the right understanding of the church and has character. Find out their goals and plans on their field.

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