Tramp for the Lord & The Hiding Place

Tramp for the Lord & The Hiding Place

By Corrie Ten Boom


(“Tramp for the Lord” is sequel to “The Hiding Place” — 1st set of notes from Tramp and 2nd set from Hiding Place)


– She is literally proof of what God can do with the person that is filled with the Holy Spirit.

– She started Bible groups in the prison camp so that others would know.

– She prayed that God would take away the bitterness that she had for her enemies and gave testimony that God did that for her (although this one not a one-time prayer but a battle she would overcome at times).

– One day when she thought she was going to die, she prayed that God would give her one more chance to witness before she was executed.

– She was released from the prison camp because of an administrative blunder. Come to find out, every woman her age was killed the next week. God saved her.

– Singing was one of the ways that her and other ladies kept her courage.

– When she was going into a prison camp in Germany, she was scared she would get caught with her Bible that was hanging around her neck. She prayed that God would protect her. When she went through the lines, the guards checked the people in front of her and behind her, never touching her.

– When the war was over, she believed God wanted her to be a missionary to America. She prayed the paperwork would work out and God began to move the mountains.

– She had become bitter at a man that tricked them to take all their money and sent her family to the concentration camp. She hated the man but then gave her bitterness to God and forgave the man. Later, when the man was on death row, she corresponded with him and he got saved.

– She said that working in the flesh instead of the power of the Spirit can be tedious and tiring.

– You never touch so much the ocean of God’s love as when you forgive another.

– God always has more for us than we can think of asking

– It is not our job to give God the tasks but to report for duty.

– It is not enough just to tell someone you forgive them, you must live it out. Remember that God threw their sins in the depths of the sea just like He did yours.

– We can trust God for emotions as well as for thoughts.


The Hiding Place

– Her dad, mom and her and her sister were watchmakers. Both her and her sister were single and lived at home.

– She was 53 years old when taken to prison.

– Her dad was very hospitable to people and when Germany started taking the Jews, they began to help the Jews by hiding them in their house or help them stay elsewhere.

– They had a code, using watches as their system, to tell others when they had a Jew who was in need.

– Both her dad and sister ended up dying in prison.

– At one point in prison, her sister told her that they need to give thanks for everything. She didn’t like this idea at first and specifically, when her sister said she was thankful for the fleas, she thought her sister was going to far. Later they began to use a room for preaching because the guards did not want to step foot in that “flea-infested room”… she remembered how her sister was right about being thankful for the fleas.

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