Time Starved Marriage

Your Time-Starved Marriage: How to Stay Connected at the Speed of ...

Time Starved Marriage

by Les Parrott


– In the rat race of life, we are so busy that we rarely make time for each other.

– There is more written on money, a commodity that can be lost and regained, than there is on time, a commodity that when lost cannot be regained.

– Don’t live in the “some-day” mentality.

– Time can’t be stopped or saved, time marches on.

– Find something as a couple to laugh at every day.

– Business is a marriage killer. It’s not helping marriages. It depletes love lives. It steals your fun. Business is not a badge of honor.

– A marriage cannot survive on leftovers. Giving your spouse the leftover time and energy that you have will destroy your marriage not build your marriage.

– How can you eliminate hurriedness in your marriage?

– We cannot find time but we can make more time. Place priorities where they should and focus time around the right things.

– What are the things that will bring you closer together as a couple? Is it a date night, playing tennis together, a walk, etc.?

– Take advantage of time that you already have this: talk or pray together before going to bed, just take a few minutes alone while out running errands, talk about good memories you’ve shared, etc.


– Time Stealers:

1. Past problems or conversations that have not been resolved.

2. Technology — what should save time is actually stealing time

3. Impatience — it kills what could be a good moment.

4. Clock — if we are not careful, it turns into having a race. Hurry up and do something so we can move on, we’re going to be late, too many activities, etc.

– Nothing can steal your time unless you do nothing about it.

– Just as food is better when you slow down, savor and enjoy it, the same goes for your marriage.

– Work at minimizing your financial strains and your marriage will be helped. If you have debt, get a plan to get out of it.


– Three R’s that can help your marriage:

1. Rest — not getting enough rest causes a lot of problems.

2. Recreation — there’s no excuse for being so busy that you can’t separate a few weeks for vacation in the year.

3. Restoration — we need the weekends to be restored, making time for church and time for each other.

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