The Power of Money

The Power of Money by Bill Hybels

The Power of Money

by Hybels, Keller, Chan, Beach


– There is always a winner at the God-versus-money-battle that goes on in your heart.

– By percentage, people who make less money usually give more to God than people who make more money. It could be because writing a tithe check for a richer man would be substantially more and he doesn’t want to do it.

– Proverbs 3:9–10 – give God the first fruits. This is symbolic that God is the most important in your life. It would be good that the first check you write for the month (or payment you pay) is to God – it show your priorities.

– Giving to God is a heart-check, to see where your heart really is.

– Giving to God is a faith-check, testing your faith, knowing God will take care of you.

– Test God and see if He won’t open the windows of heaven.

– Materialism has a way to blind and distort the way we see things. It darkens your eyes spiritually.

– Money for some people gives them security, significance, control or status of thinking they are better than others.

– We should treasure heavenly treasure instead of earthly treasure.

– We can know that money does not hold power over us by how we treat the poor. When we become generous, it stops us from acting better than others.

– Contentment has nothing to do with your circumstances.

– You will probably meet more poor people that are happy then rich people that are happy.

– The sin of envy will cause us to see very little of how God takes care of us.

– It is easier for us to mourn with those that are mourning then to rejoice with those that are rejoicing.

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