The Motivation Mastery

The Motivation Mastery

by Chris Widener


– The media, peer pressure, and everything around us is telling us what we should be. We must grow on the inside in order not to doubt so much.

– When we can accept who we are, we can do almost anything.

– About anything that you want in life is attainable with taking just a few steps.

– Grow who you are – don’t just try to be somebody else, decide to grow as who you already are.

– When you are comfortable in your own skin, you do not have to pretend to be something else.

– No one can do everything alone, you have to have help.

– You have to win in your mind first before you can go out and win elsewhere.

– If you’re not confident, you will become fearful.

– Fear is normal but you have to decide to focus and think about the right thing.

– Attitude will determine your success.

– Turn your fear into focus – remember why you were there and what your mission is.

– Your competitor today might be your ally tomorrow. – Near flawless execution is a result of all this preparation.

– People that are so passionate about things will overcome the fear and obstacles. You must be passionate about whatever you’re doing.

– W.I.N. — Work It Now – Don’t just make sales without making customers.

– The golden rule (doing unto others as you would want done to yourself) is super important, but there is another rule that is super valuable as well: the platinum rule – do to others as they would want you to do to them. This is adaptability, getting on their level and helping them that way.

– You are alive grow according to your curiosity and imagination.

– 1 idea + right contacts = unlimited results.

– First you have to have a dream, then you must have a team, then you will have multiple screams.

– Every seasoned player should have a rookie to help and every rookie should have a seasoned player to learn from.

– Practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes permanent… So learn from it.

– Listen to the right people and get the right influence, not just any influence.

– One of the worst things that you can do is to believe the press about yourself.

– If you want to learn something, go listen, watch, or be with those that are doing it.

– Failure is an event not a person. So learn from failure.

– Failure is like fertilizer, you can use it to grow.

– Instead of talking the whole time, ask people questions.

– Most awesome deals are learnable: sales, financial, etc.

– All success are combinations, recipes and formulas.

– Successful people fail over and over again whereas unsuccessful people only fail once or twice before they quit.

Big 3 for success:

1. Take responsibility.

2. Write goals and make plans, working on them every day.

3. Develop yourself to lifelong learning.

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