Strategy of Satan

The Strategy of Satan - Kindle edition by Wiersbe, Warren W ...

Strategy of Satan

by Warren Wiersbe


– The devil is a liar and deceiver — Rev 12:9; John 8:44

– Satan’s attack is on your mind — 2 Cor 11:3; Eph 4:17-24; Rom 12:2; Prov 23:27;

– God renews us through His Word — Philip. 4:8; Is 26:3;

– Satan’s weapons is to lie — so he did with Eve

– Eve took from and added to God’s Word — God never said don’t touch. She doubted His love and care for her. She rejected God’s Word and accepted Satan’s word.

– We must make time to read and study God’s Word. God’s Word is the answer and if we don’t know it, it is our fault, no one else’s.

– Satan’s target will be your body if he can’t take your mind. He did this with Job and so many others.

– Your body is the temple of Holy Spirit — I Cor 6:19-20

– Lost people may not read the Bible, but they will see you, meaning your life is an instrument for God.

– Satan wants to destroy your body and eliminate you from the race in life. He can’t touch your soul but can mess with your body and make you reward-less.

– Satan would love to make us impatient with God’s will and/or just give up. Patience is both a mark of immaturity and a lack of unbelief. Impatience leads to costly mistakes.

– Satan wants to attack your will if he can’t get your mind or body.

– We are to serve God out of our will and obedience.

– Most things are a matter of the will. Satan wants us to submit our will to him.

– Pride is a chief weapon the devil uses.

– The devil wants to destroy the church so he goes through the individual Christians.

– Pride means we act independently of God and God’s will.

– Our defense is the indwelling Spirit of God.

– God works in you so He may work through you.

– Don’t listen to the voice of the devil, listen to the voice of God. The devil wants to lie to you, make you doubt, accuse you and make you follow your feelings.

– If the devil can get you to think about or even talk about sin, he’s taken the edge off of conviction and you’re more likely to commit to that sin now.

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