Stopping Stress Before it Stops You

Stopping Stress Before it Stops You

by Kevin Leman


Disclaimer: this book is written for mothers but I have enjoyed several of the author’s books so I thought I would check it out and see what is applicable for everyone. Since it seems many people get stressed, I thought there could be some principles applicable for everyone. So here it is…


– You can minimize stress and use it as a positive tool in your life.

– Stressing out is a preventable disease.

– Stress comes from pressure. Life is a pressure cooker of stress.

– When an accident (or close-to-accident) or situation occurs, our adrenaline is pumped up and then goes back down. When we are stressed, the same occurs. If we stay stressed, the adrenaline continues and that continual adrenaline can cause ulcers, cancer and more.

– Why is it that a society like ours that has almost everything is so stressed? Much is because we do not want to wait and we want everything now.

– It is your perception of something that turns it into stress. Your job as well as anything else is not your point of stress, it is your perception of the situation that is your stress.

– Why is it that some people get stressed over a job, their boss or other situations while other people do not get stressed – it is their perception that makes them stressed.

– If you like to control, you will very likely be stressed more.

1. Children can be one of the biggest points of stress.

– Babies cry, fuss and don’t sleep. Then they turned into two-year-olds and climb around and get into everything… and the cycle only continues.

– If you let your children be in front of your marriage, they will run your life. You need to make sure that they are not first place in your life.

– All children are natural getters

– You need to let your children stay with someone else and not think you always have to be with them or right beside them.

– If your child throws a temper tantrum, don’t run to him/her, just walk out or away from them to let them realize you’re not going to run to the rescue.

– Unattainable goals of trying to be the perfect parent will only make you more frustrated and stressed.

2. Lack of Time is another point of stress.

– Take smaller bites out of life.

– Sometimes you have to say no.

3. Marriage is another point of stress.

– Make your wife part of your decisions, that shows you value her.

4. Another big source of stress is money.

– We never have enough and we always want more than we have.

– It seems that the easy answer to stress is to just take some pills but that they will likely never solve the root problem.

– A simple secret to cutting out stress is work on your priorities. You have the potential to arrange things in a way that can cut out the stress. Seems simple, and everyone knows this, but if you want to get out of stress work on your priorities.

– It is hard to get people off of their proverbial stress treadmills, they just continue forward to exhaustion and burnt out. You must change something and do something different to cut the stress out.

– Quit worrying about stuff and just face it.

– Most of what we worry about does not even happen.

– Do the unpleasant things first and get them over with and then reward yourself by dealing with the smaller things.

– Adopt the motto that if money will fix it, then it’s really not a problem. If you can fix the situation by buying another compressor, fixing a part, etc., than it is a manageable problem.

– Stress may get you down momentarily, but you do not have to let it keep you there.

– Our body can only take so much. When we put our body under too much stress, something has to give and something will give.

– You need your own game plan, a way to unplug and de-stress.

– One of the best answers to dealing with stress is being in tune with your Maker.

– Get enough rest – that is not just sleep, it is relaxing or doing something that will allow you to get away from routine (walking, sitting down, jogging, etc.).

– Develop a hobby.

– Have a group of friends.

– Recognize the things that cause stress in your life and when your body says it is too much, than back off.

– Avoid packing your day so full that you don’t have time to think.

– Share your feelings – whether to a person, on paper (journal) or in prayer, share your feelings with someone.

– Watch only a certain amount of news or certain talkshows and programs. You can only taken so much negative news, so be careful.

– Build stress relievers in your workday. Take a walk at lunch hour, drink a cup of coffee, try not to take your work home, and learn to wind down before you go home or when you are with family. Control your job or your job will control you.

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