by Jon Acuff


– Instead of waiting until you are asked to do something or that a certain time comes, just go ahead and start now.

– People that we think are geniuses were not able to make any shortcuts, they just started learning at a earlier age.

– Stand on the shoulders of giants.

– Work harder and smarter.

– Luck is a word that lazy people use to describe someone who has worked hard to make it to where they are at.

– Your practice will determine how you play in the game.

– Don’t climb the entitlement letter – if you have to tell people do you know who I am, you yourself have already forgotten.

– Both doubt and fear are like muscles, if you keep using them they will only get stronger.

– You must kill doubt and fear or they will kill you.

– Be lead, be taught, be a learner.

– Learning from others is something that will catapult you to the next level.

– Volunteer and take every opportunity you get to do what you enjoy.

– You’ll never become good if you do not practice and persist.

– Do not spend more time promoting what you do than practicing what you do. Promoting will make others think that you are a master, practicing will make you a master.

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