Spiritual Leadership

Spiritual Leadership: Principles of Excellence For Every Believer ...

Spiritual Leadership

by J. Oswald Sanders


(I personally have taken more extensive notes that I’ve used to teach in classes, but this is an abbreviated list after one of my last readings of the book. Dr. Don Sisk says that this book should be read every year.)

– There are only 3 kinds of people:

1. Those who are unmovable

2. Those who are moveable

3. Those who move them


The latter is leadership

– To lead others, you must master your own appetites. Have you been able to quit or take control of a bad habit?

– Do you develop or discourage people? Do you use people or cultivate people? Do you criticize or encourage people?

– A spiritual leader is a shepherd — work requires a shepherds heart.

– Do you see difficulty in every opportunity, or an opportunity in every difficulty?

– A leader can have many good characteristics, but without the Spirit, he is incapable of being the right leader.

– It is said that George Whitefield stayed up in the late hours of night writing letters of encouragement to new converts.

– To move people, we must be able to move God – it is through prayer that we can talk to God who can move people.

– Procrastination is fatal in leadership.

– Reading maketh a full man, speaking a ready man, writing an exact man – Francis Bacon

– Wesley told the students that they should read or get out of the ministry.

– Success can get to our head unless we remember that it is God who gave us all we have.

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