Relationship of the Home Church to the Missionary and Other Missionaries

  1. Support at a substantial part of his basic support such as one fourth because after all he is your missionary
  2. Send visitors every year to visit. To be a blessing and maintain that personal relationship
  3. Prominently keep pictures, needs, etc before the church
  4. Send special gifts for special days all year long
  5. Treat him like you would treat a soldier from your family that was overseas in war. Gifts, entertainment, Bob Hope visiting and encouraging the troops
  6. Get involved in his afflictions Philippians 4:14
  7. Fervently pray for your missionary
  8. Let him keep up with the church and what is going on
  9. Treat him like pastoral staff
  10. Recognize his anniversary in the ministry
  11. provide him with materials
  12. get him personal growth opportunities
  13. give him recuperation time Acts 13
  14. be in constant communication and contact
  15. send him out with much prayer

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