“Missionary Gems” — A collection of short poems
Compiled from various sources — Gospel Trumpet Company

“Ready to preach the gospel.” Rom. 1: 5.
‘Ready to die for the name of the Lord Jesus.” Acts 21:13.

Ready to go, ready to wait,
Ready a gap to fill;
Ready for service, small or great;
Ready to do His will.

Ready to suffer grief or pain,
Ready to stand the test;
Ready to stay at home and send
Others if He sees best.

Ready to do, ready to bear,
Ready to watch and pray,
Ready to stand aside and wait
Till He shall clear the way.

Ready to speak, ready to think,
Ready with heart and brain;
Ready to start when He sees fit,
Ready to bear the strain.

Ready to warn, ready to seek,
Ready o’er souls to mourn;
Ready in life, ready in death;
Ready for his return.

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