“Missionary Gems” — A collection of short poems
Compiled from various sources — Gospel Trumpet Company
I want to tell you something!
I heard my teacher say,
“I don’t believe in missions.
I don’t think I will pay
A single cent of money
To go so far away!”

I really think that’s wicked,
Because — why, don’t you know?
Our dear Lord told his people
Before he left them, “Go
And preach to ev’ry nation”;
Our Lord himself said “Go !”

I wonder what my teacher
Would think if I should say,
“I don’t believe in minding,”
And then I’d run away
And do whatever pleased me —
I wonder what she’d say?

“I don’t believe in missions” ;
That’s what some people say.
“I don’t believe in minding,”
They mean, and turn away
From Jesus’ last commandment
And grieve him ev’ry day.

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