Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret

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Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret

By Howard and Geraldine Taylor


What role did Hudson Taylor’s mom play in his conversion? She prayed

When Hudson Taylor surrendered to go anywhere, where did he feel the Lord was leading him? To China

After he surrendered to China, what did he do? He began to prepare.

How did he begin to prepare? Woke up early to study; he moved into a poor section of town

Why did his girlfriend break up with him? She did not want to be a missionary to China


(finish this sentence by filling in the space) To move man through God by _________ alone. Prayer

How did Hudson Taylor depend on God giving him his salary? By waiting on God to remind his boss to pay him


Why did Hudson not continue living with his father? He wanted to learn to trust and depend upon the Lord

What was the reason the doors opened up in China and why did they choose Hudson Taylor to be one of the first to go? The president in China got saved and invited missionaries – since Hudson Taylor was single, they told him to be one of the first to go

Did Hudson want to see his parents before he left for China and why? No, because it would be hard to say goodbye


When did Hudson Taylor feel his ministry in China begun? When he moved and lived among the people

Why were the missionaries criticizing and gossiping about Hudson? Because he lived among the people, spent little time with other westerners and his clothes were looking shaggy


Did the Chinese like westerners? No

What did Hudson decide to do to reach more Chinese? Take on native dress. At any of the missionaries ever done such a thing? No. Were the missionaries going to approve of it? No


Who became Hudson’s new partner in ministry? William Burns. How did Hudson influence him? He began to wear Chinese clothing as well

What benefits did Hudson and his new partner have at the new city (Swatow) because of their address? They found a place to live, were able to minister more easy, they were not easily spotted as other westerners

Why were the doors later closed for Hudson Taylor and his partner in Swatow? Because Burns was arrested and taken away


What was the name of the girl that Hudson Taylor started to like? Maria Dyer

Why was Hudson Taylor interested or attracted to this girl? She had the heart of an evangelist, loved the people

What attracted Maria to Hudson Taylor? His generous giving, his Chinese dress, his love for the people, his zeal.

What did the lady that took care of Maria (Miss Aldersee) do to Hudson Taylor? She tried to ruin his reputation


What was Mr. Ni’s difficult question to Hudson Taylor? How long he had the truth and why he didn’t bring the truth sooner

Why specifically and initially did George Mueller begin to support Hudson Taylor? Because he read the letter of how Hudson Taylor forgave and loved the people that stole from him.


How many years did Hudson Taylor spend in China before his first furlough? Six years

What reasons did Hudson Taylor have for taking his furlough? To recuperate and recruit more workers for China

What did the doctors tell him when he got back to England? That he would not be able to continue working like he was

How many missionaries was he appealing would go to china and how many actually went? He wanted 4 or 5, only 1 went

Why did Hudson Taylor begin to pray for 24 missionaries? 2 for each of the eleven provinces and 2 for Mongolia


(finish this sentence by filling in the space) God’s work done in Gods way will never lack Gods ________. Supply

What was Hudson Taylor’s new mission called? China Inland Mission

How much money did Hudson and Maria Taylor begin their bank account for the new mission? 10 pounds


Hudson Taylor’s desire was to become Chinese in all ways not sinful to win some. What were some of the ways that he and his mission tried to become Chinese? Dressing like the people, learning the language, adapting their habits, living amongst the people.

How did Hudson and his wife respond to the criticism that the new missionaries gave them for their rule about Chinese dress and Hudson’s leadership? With much love and patience

What is one of the greatest sacrifices that Hudson felt like he did? Leaving his wife and children when he traveled


What did Hudson do as a result of the riot in the city? They had to leave the city

What happened later to some of the Chinese that were involved in the Riot? Some of them got saved and baptized


What did the national newspapers in England accuse Hudson Taylor and his mission of? Asking for warships to forcefully convert the Chinese

When most people began to diminish their support to Hudson Taylor and the mission in China, who was the man who increased his giving? George Mueller


After spending much time discouraged, what was Hudson Taylor’s secret to getting close to God again? Abiding in Christ


(finish this sentence by filling in the space) To be content with God’s Will and Gods Way is ________.  Rest

What did Hudson and Maria do with their children that they considered one of the most difficult things they ever did? Send them back to England

What happened while Maria was giving birth? The baby died


What did Hudson pray as Maria was dying? He thanked the Lord for the 12 ½ years they had together


When did Hudson get married again? Right after he arrived to England on his furlough

What was his new wife’s name? Jenny

After how long of being in England did Hudson Taylor return back to China? 15 months

Explain what Hudson Taylor meant when he said that missionaries are like scaffolding? They’re used to build but the sooner they can be removed, the better


Hudson Taylor said and felt that when his work became a begging work (appealing for funds), what would happen? It would soon die

How did Hudson reply when a preacher told him that he must be very proud of how much God has used him? He replied by saying, on the contrary, God must have been looking for somebody so weak and so small and that is why he found me


What doors began to open up from the Chinese government? That foreigners would have protection and could enter into any province or city

How many missionaries did the China Inland Mission begin to pray for as a group? 70


When Hudson preached or met with people, his attitude was not to get but to give

To advance in any more work in 1887, Hudson Taylor and the mission asked for how many new workers? 100

How many missionaries actually applied in 1887 and how many did they choose? Over 600 applied and 102 were chosen

How much extra funds did Hudson and the mission pray for and how much extra funds did they receive? (at the time they prayed for the extra 100 missionaries) They prayed for £50,000 pounds and received £55,000 pounds that year

Who from America invited Hudson Taylor to come visit America? DL Moody


(finish this sentence by filling in the space) Either God is ____________ of all or he is not _____________ at all. Lord, Lord  (If God is Lord, then let us treat him as such.)

The China inland Mission became a international board. Name some of the other countries that sent missionaries to China? Norway, Germany, New Zealand, …

What difficult prayer did Hudson Taylor’s wife ask him to pray for her and what was the result of that prayer? That the Lord would take her quickly when she was sick… and the Lord did.

Hudson Taylor said we cannot do much, but we can do a little and God can do much of it


What did Hudson say was one of most difficult things for a missionary? To maintain his walk with the Lord. He said the devil will find anything to keep one busy and not have his walk with the Lord

Extra Notes

Hudson Taylor was sacrificial – to the missionaries he worked with, to the people he loved, to everyone

He raised support through prayer – he believed that God moved man through prayer alone.

He had a goal and lived that goal of wanting to see missionaries all over China, in every province – he raised hundreds of workers for the mission field

He put God first – he was willing to let his girlfriend, luxuries and love go in order to go to the mission field. He left good living of money to live in the slum area and depend on God.

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