Grit: How to Perseverance and Keep Going When You Want to Give Up ...


by Martin J. Dweck


– Why did some quit when others continue on? Why do some stop trying when others keep pushing forward?

– Grit trumps talent and intelligence.

– Perseverance is one of the closest traits linked to grit.

– Albert Einstein’s parents thought that he was mentally challenged, but he continued persevering.

– Perseverance is good, but it lacks passion.

– Resilience is another trait associated with grit. Resilience teaches you to get back up when you’re not down.

– Ambition is a another trait closely related to grit. It is energy and passion to keep you going.

– You have to just regard the opinion of many people or else you will stop or become discouraged.

– Don’t dwell on the past or future, live in the now.

– Avoid procrastination. Delaying your to do list will only result in discouragement.

– Be hopeful. Hope goes beyond a feel good emotion, it is leaning towards a better place and as a result working to obtain it.

– Change the way you think. If you think on being well, you will begin to subconsciously working differently.

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