“Missionary Gems” — A collection of short poems
Compiled from various sources — Gospel Trumpet Company
There’s a call from the far-off heathen land;
Oh, what can we do for the great demand?

We have not wealth, like the rich man’s store;
We will give ourselves: we have nothing more.

We will give our feet: they shall go and go
Till the heathen’s story the world shall know.

We will give our hands, till their work shall turn
To the gold we have not, but they can earn.

We will give our eyes the story to read
Of the heathen’s sorrow, the heathen’s need.

We will give our tongues the story to tell
Till the Christian hearts shall with pity swell.

We have little to give; but by and by
We may have a call from the voice on high —

“Go bear my Gospel o’er land and sea,
Into all the world go ye, go ye.”

Though of silver and gold we have none at all,
We give ourselves, for we hear that call.

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