Ego is the Enemy

Ego is the Enemy

by Ryan Holiday


– Your worst enemy is that which lives inside of you, your ego.

– Ego is the sense of superiority that goes beyond ability or talent.

– Some learn humility and some choose ego.

– Impressing people is much different from being impressive.

– Having a position of authority is much different from being in authority.

– Are you being selfish or selfless?

– To become great and stay great, athletes and professionals know that they must have a coach. You have to keep learning to become better and stay better.

– It requires humility to being an eternal student. You can’t learn anything if you think you know everything.

– Most people forget about those that cleared the way for them.

– Arrogance is a lie because it makes you think that you are better than you really are.

– You can’t make a reputation on what you are going to do.

– We think if we are humble, we’ll finish last and be walked all over.

– Ego makes one think they are better and the rules don’t apply to you.

– Genghis Khan was one of the greatest warriors, and much was because he learned from everyone and therefore became better.

– Be a student; every situation has a lesson to teach you.

– Amateurs stays the same but a professional learns and becomes better.

– It’s not about beating the other guy but being the best you possible.

– Ego says you need everything and there’s no stop to what you’ll do or how much you should get.

– Ego is our own worst enemy, it hurts us and those around us.

– Ego needs honor, recognition and titles; confidence can wait and go without.

– Ego tells us that meaning comes from activity.

– We say we have to stand up for ourselves, but do we really need to do that?

– The bigger the ego, the harder you’ll fall.

– Ego feels that it needs to be in control and has to measure up to what everyone thinks you are, but it end sup destroying.

– Ego is a haze that disconnects us from reality. It makes us think we know everything so there’s no room for growth.

– Every day you will face failure, success or inspiration… and ego is almost always present.

– We should want to be better, but not at the price of being motivated by ego.

– Ego makes you think that being successful in one area makes you successful in every area, so everything you touch turns into gold. But this mindset will be your ruin.

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