Developing The Leaders Around You

Developing The Leaders Around You

by John Maxwell


– Are you raising up leaders around you? Great leaders not only lead well, they also raise up other leaders.

– Great leaders reproduce other leaders.

– Are you growing the people that are around you?

– Grow the leader and you will grow the organization.

– The strength of an organization will be determined by its leader. Weak leaders have weak organizations and strong leaders have strong organizations.

– Have strong people around you that will help you. Those around you will determine your strength or weakness.

– It takes a leader to know a leader, grow a leader and show a leader, but also to attract another leader.

– Don’t just add on other leaders, multiply leaders.

– The more people you lead, the more people you will need.

– Be smart enough to bring strong men alongside you.

– A leader must create a climate in which other leaders can grow and come on board.

– A leader must be a thermostat and not simply a thermometer.

– There’s a difference between managers and leaders. Managers maintain and control while leaders innovates vision.

– A leader must know where he is going to be able to show others the way.

– To nurture other leaders you have, use the BEST formula: Believe in them. Encourage them. Share with them. Trust them. – When you believe in people, they will know it and you will be able to motivate them.

– You can hire someone to work for you, but you must believe in them for them to work with you.

– It is the leader’s job to add significance to those that he leads.

– People usually rise to the expectation. If you want something accomplished, you must expect and reward what you want accomplished.

– When you nurture leaders around you, everyone wins.

– In order to get something done, you must give your leaders: Responsibility. Authority. Accountability. – Nurture and help all of your people, but develop only a few.

– Set aside time daily for personal growth. If you’re going to help others, you must grow yourself. Guard that time because you need it.

– Choosing those who will be on your team is vital to having a good team.

– Take time to be together make a game plan with those you choose for your team.

– Leaders who have the attitude of “I must do it myself” will get very little accomplished and help very few people.

– Model what you want in order to add value to other people – not only will they know what you expect, but they will see what you expect.

– People become empowered when you offer them opportunity, freedom and security.

– When you give of yourself and add value to other people, you will always receive the following in return: loyalty, encouragement, counsel and support, problem solving, time, balance of gifts, people development and increase of influence.

– True success comes when one generation prepares the next generation for success.

– To be a leader, we must: Have desire. Have relationship skills.

– When you see someone with potential, give them opportunities, a growth plan and your time to help them.

– Make that developing of other leaders your lifestyle. By doing so, you will multiply your influence and efforts.

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