David Brainerd’s Silent Visitor by Margaret Cagle

David Brainerd was a missionary
Who lived in the early days.
He wanted to evangelize Indians,
But he needed to learn their ways.

He prepared to go to woodland tribes
To start his ministry there.
His friends passionately warned him.
“For your safety, we all care.”

David set up his modest tent there
While Indian scouts lurked nearby.
They thought, “He’s a white man.
He will harm us, so he must die.”

They watched him pray to God
As he knelt near his tent door.
They saw a rattlesnake slither near
Unaware to the kneeler on the floor.

“That snake will strike and bite him.
It’s coiling up now on the floor,”
But then the snake abruptly uncoiled
And slithered out the tent door.

“Let’s take this white man to the chief.
His God has great power and might.
His God sent that rattlesnake away,
And that was an amazing sight!”

God used a huge deadly rattlesnake
To change each Indian’s heart,
And David Brainerd served God there.
Bringing them to Christ, he had a part.

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