Ideas for Senders

  1. Get people from your church to prepare cards and notes to send to your missionary.
    • Have special cards and notes sent to the children.
    • Have everyone put in a few dollars in each card to make it 
very exciting for the children to open
    • Adults might send gift cards for iTunes or Amazon in
  2. Get together some goodies to send to your missionary. Be sure to contact them and make sure that they will not have to pay customs on whatever you send them
  3. Be prepared to report on your missionary in the missionary presentations for the Goer Sender Coalition
  4. Make sure that you keep their name in the church bulletin, on the church Facebook page, etc.
  5. Ever so often set up a display from their country, give out their prayer cards, and get Continue reading “Ideas for Senders”

Eleven Essentials for the Missionary

Hudson Taylor’s Missionary Equipment

  1. A life yielded to God and controlled by His Spirit
  2. A restful trust in God for the supply of all needs
  3. A sympathetic spirit
  4. A willingness to take a lowly place
  5. Tact in dealing with men
  6. Adaptability toward circumstances
  7. Be real in service
  8. Steadfastness in discouragement
  9. Love for communion with God and for the study of His Word
  10. Some experience and blessing in the Lord’s work at home
  11. A healthy body and vigorous mind

Themes for Missions Conferences

(Many I have gathered from conferences I have attended or have heard of, others I have gathered in the past from other sources, those of which I do not remember)

How Beautiful are the Feet – Rom. 10:15

Punching holes in the darkness

Hear their Hearts Cry

That All the Earth May Know – I Sam. 17:46, Prov. 25:25

How to Build Waist Cities – Is. 64:1

Ambassadors for Christ – II Cor. 5:20

Set Sails for Souls

Is There Not a Cause – I Sam. 17:29

Is it Nothing to You? – Lamentations 1:12

Reaching this Generation

Enlarging our tents Continue reading “Themes for Missions Conferences”

A Missions Parable About Lost People:

Putting World Evangelism Statistics In Perspective

By James M. Weber, missionary to Japan

    Once upon a time there was an apple grower who had acres and acres of apple trees. In all, he had 10,000 acres of apple orchards.
One day he went to the nearby town. There, he hired 1,000 apple pickers. He told them:

“Go to my orchards. Harvest the ripe apples, and build storage buildings for them so that they will not spoil. I need to be gone for a while, but I will provide all you will need to complete the task. When I return, I will reward you for your work.

    “I’ll set up a Society for the Picking of Apples. The Society — to which you will all belong — will be responsible for the entire operation. Naturally, in addition to those of you doing the actual harvesting, some will carry supplies, others will care for the physical needs of the group, and still others will have administrative responsibilities.” Continue reading “A Missions Parable About Lost People:”